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Jacqueline Nuñez is the new owner of The Conjuring House!

We are now booking Day Tours, GHO Investigations, Medium Gallery Readings, and Overnight Investigations through the end of 2022. Check back for additional Special Events to be offered. We will release the 2023 Calendar in August.


The Arnold Estate, located in Harrisville, R.I., is a rare and truly unique destination. An authentic Colonial home, circa 1736, its rich and mysterious history will entice those seeking some paranormal adventure. It provides an opportunity to revisit a bygone era, along with the spirits who once inhabited the home – and still do! This mystical, magical farmhouse offers all of its visitors a thoroughly transformational experience. Most famous for its association with “The Conjuring” (the infamous feature film released in 2013) a horror movie released a torrent of interest in this supernatural stronghold. It is likely the most haunted house in America, revealed in detail by the Perron family who once dwelled within its walls for a decade during the 1970s. Though the film was fictionalized, the truth is stranger than fiction.  

Enjoy the luscious landscape, a feast for the eyes. Every sense is stimulated by this place in the country, a cornucopia of delights, but especially the “sixth sense”. For anyone anxious to connect with the other side of existence, this is the place to do it. Andrea Perron describes her childhood home as “a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse”. There is literally no place else on Earth like it. Walk down to the river, explore the barn, or simply gaze up into the cosmos for inspiration. Those who desire to commune with the spirits will be forever changed in remarkable ways. As Carolyn Perron once explained, “We left the farm, but the farm never left us.” It had a profound impact on the family who dared to share their story with the world, and it is now open for others to encounter that same sense of timelessness, as it is a location known to be alive with death – what some consider to be proof of the afterlife.  

The Arnold Estate is a historical treasure, yet, it is so much more than its pastoral beauty, providing those who are curious with an experience they will never forget. It is far more than a destination beyond belief. It is a memory made, a bucolic blessing, and for some, the key to cryptic knowledge few will ever have the chance to absorb of their own free will. A wondrous farmhouse which touches every soul who crosses its threshold, the old Arnold Estate is a wonder to behold.

Jacqueline Nunez Photo

Jacqueline Nuñez, Owner, The conjuring house

For nearly two decades Jacqueline Nuñez has dedicated her career to creating distinctive, high quality and sustainable residential development projects in the metropolitan Boston area. Her mission has been focused on building exquisite residences through a contemporary lens resulting in highly desired homes. 

When The Conjuring House hit the real estate market in 2021, Jacqueline immediately knew that she wanted to buy the property. Her first visit to the house underscored that for her. Since she was a child, she has had an avid interest in the paranormal, having experienced numerous spiritual encounters that convinced her that “we are conscious beings having a human experience.” Thus, her purchase of the property is a personal interest rooted in her strongly held beliefs that our consciousness survives death. 

“The Farm on Round Top Road” – as it is known – being one of the most paranormally active locations in the world, provides unique opportunities for paranormal enthusiasts, paranormal investigators, research scientists, mediums/psychics and social media/TV influencers to capture authentic encounters through ghost hunting devices, voice recorders, video equipment and other measurement instruments. Through these engagements with the present energy, we can learn a lot about who they are, whether they are in permanent residence, or visiting there, about their human lives and perhaps most importantly – what their experiences are like on the other side. Jacqueline believes that these entities can teach us much, and in this learning, we will discover more about our true selves.

Raised in Indiana and Oklahoma, Jacqueline Nuñez was highly involved in athletics in high school, earning an AAU All American award.  She then attended Northwestern University (NU) on a full athletic Volleyball scholarship.  As the starting setter, she led the Wildcats to two Big Ten Championships and consistent Top 15 national rankings. After earning a BS in Psychology, she continued her studies at the University of Rhode Island, for an MS in Counseling .  She went on to serve as an NCAA Division I Head Coach at La Salle University, Temple University, and Iowa State University, where she built a nationally ranked Volleyball team in three years.  In 1999, Jacqueline moved to Boston, obtaining a JD degree from Northeastern University School of Law. She practiced as a litigation associate at two Boston law firms before focusing exclusively on real estate development in 2006.  She currently is a resident of Dorchester, MA.

REVIEWS from our Travelers

Hear from the people who experienced The Farm on Round Top Road first hand.

John E.

The history and legacy of this land, house, and legend are in incredibly capable hands with Cory and Jen Heinzen. Don’t listen or trust in any negativity or drama lovers out there. The amazing plans to come will make this property’s story grow and flourish like never before. I firmly believe the house has found a way to pass into the hands it wanted to be with. The journey has only begun for everyone in the paranormal field.

Margaret F.

After almost 17 years in the paranormal field and over 200 investigations, this place was one of the best places I’ve ever investigated. My team enjoyed Cory and Jenn’s hospitality, having been given full reign after a thorough tour. They answered our questions and were very professional. I highly recommend a visit for the history, if not for an investigation. This place doesn’t disappoint!



Jason W.

An amazing location and owners Corey and Jen who are exactly what Paranormal Unity is all about. They made a last minute add on for me to be able to investigate and stay there 2 days during the week. Amazing history with even better results on my Investigation. Sad I couldn’t stay longer but will definitely be back anytime it’s available. If you get the chance don’t hesitate to add it to your bucket list of places to visit in the Paranormal.


Photograph by RR&A/Coldwell Banker/Drone Home media
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The Farm on Round Top Road
1677 Round Top Road
Harrisville, RI 02830

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Photo Credit: Frank C. Grace (Main Photo)