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Paranormal Evidence

Review What Other's Have Found Visting The Farm on Round Top Road

John decided to have a conversation with the house and we want you to see what he found. You may be as blown away as he is. You can check it out by
Clicking Here.
Some trains were left by a group last year so that the ghosts could play with them. And less than a year later it seems they are being played with. Check out the video by
Clicking Here.

Seth and Josh of Exploring with Josh have done a two part series of investigating the house. Take a look at both parts of their first ghost hunt.

Joe McCarthy of East Coast Hauntings visited The Farm on Round Top Road. Check out his entire video to see what he was able to uncover.

Howie Hall and the Friends Who Ghost Hunt stopped by for an investigation. Check out their videos by:
Clicking Here & Clicking Here.

Derek Shoemaker of Paranormal of Watertown (POW) decided to investigate The Farm on Round Top Road. One of their videos is here but if you want to see more please check out their YouTube Channel by
Clicking Here.

Jason Wilkerson came to investigate and was able to record something that is worth listening to.
Click Here to give it a listen.

The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group shared this video. We have queued it up to a certain part but feel free to watch the whole clip. Just click the image and it’ll start playing. 

John Huntington shares this disembodied voice here at the Farm on Round Top Road. For more videos check out his YouTube channel by
Clicking Here

Maggie Florio has shared these video with us. Please take a watch and a listen. Just click the image and it’ll start playing. 

Cape Cod Paranormal Consortium shared a couple videos with us. In the first one there is a black shadow figure in the left hand corner. In the second video there are some weird anomalies.  Just click the image and it’ll start playing.

Jenn Bergman from Live Paranormal decided to stop by and was able to capture some stuff we feel you should see. Take a look by
Clicking Here.

Karen Tatro, a Spirit Medium, also came by to investigate the Farm on Round Top Road. Check out the videos she shared.